2023 DINNER

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LIWICTL Updated Rules Supplement For Play Season - 2023

  1. A set of the Long Island Women's Inter-Club Tennis League rules must be present and brought to each match through the season, either in writing or accessible on the cell phone. If a problem arises, each team can look up the rules to resolve any given situation. If all fails, contacting the rules person is appropriate.

  2. Any league player, / captain, CO Captain, or board member in the league can address a rules violation if they are watching it happen except a pro. That being said, addressing the issue will take place only at a change over. Never interrupt a match in play.

  3. If it rains the night before a match, and the home team's courts are wet, and the away team's courts are dry and available for play, The match must be played at the away team's courts. There will be no option to rescheduling the match and declining to change locations. A refusal to do so will result in a forfeit. Since the weather is unpredictable and a decision is made the morning of the match, the team that has to travel will be given extra time to get to the new match location.

  4. Commitment to play in the league is a must. Forfeiting courts manipulate the standings. Continued forfeits will result in removing the team from the league.

  5. When the schedules are published in April, and some matches have to be rescheduled, for one reason or another, rescheduling must be done before the start of the season. The scorekeeper must be notified of the canceled date and the new agreed date for the match to be played. This date must be decided on before the originally scheduled date is canceled

  6. During the season if a match needs to be rescheduled, a new day must be submitted ASAP and not exceed 2 weeks.

  7. In any scheduled or rescheduled match, when play has not begun, the lineup may be changed according to the availability of players for the new date. If play starts and the match has to stop, the new rescheduled match will be played with the original lineup